Make Money Using Your Blog

Blogging, when it started a decade ago, was nothing but a mere tool for people to be able to write their daily experiences online - an online diary / journal so to speak. However today, blogging is not just your simple dear diary online page. You can actually make money using your blog.

The first method I'm going to teach you is about blog posting. You will be paid for posting something (e.g. product, website, services) in your blog. But before that, you need to sign-up and be members of any of the following:

Pay Per Post

Let me tell you something about Pay Per Post. It is one of the premier sites that provide great opportunities for bloggers to make money online. They require that your blog to be at least a month old and has at least 10 or more posts before they approve you. It would also be advantageous if you have good traffic although it is not really a requirement.

If you are ready to join Pay Per Post, click the image above or fill out the form below:


Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Smorty is another company that provides bloggers opportunities to make money using your blog. Unlike Pay Per Post, Smorty is not that strict when it comes to your blogs. Although they require your blog to be at least a few months old, you don't need to have a minimum number of posts. However, when it comes to opportunities and prices, Pay Per Post is better. Sign up with Smorty by clicking the image above or here: Smorty Sign-up

I'll be testing and posting more sites soon. Please do visit from time to time to see updates. Happy blogging and making money.